Discovery for Credit

Earn College Credit!

Educational travel with AHSTF is a life-changing experience for students, who learn as much about themselves as the places they visit. Academic credit allows students to capture their travel in a way that generates recognition. Students return from AHSTF inspired to set high goals for their future, and equipped with the tools to achieve them. Academic credit is a unique distinction on college applications, and will distinguish students from their peers.

Students can earn free college credit in conjunction with participation in AHSTF.

Students are invited to enroll in ‘Global Perspectives for International Travelers,’ which includes post-tour online coursework. Time in the field at FRINGE combined with online coursework culminates in a great opportunity for AHSTF travelers. Students select one of three different course versions of ‘Global Perspectives’ as their avenue for coursework. As coursework is completed, it will be evaluated by our educational staff, and/or staff at our partner university, University of California, San Diego. Upon completion, students receive an official transcript to present with an application or for transfer consideration to schools or universities.


If you have questions or would like more information about our courses, please contact our education staff through