About the Process

How are schools nominated for this honor?
The American High School Theatre Festival relies on directors from state, regional and national theatre associations and conferences to nominate the nation’s top high school theatre programs. College theatre directors and AHSTF alumni are also asked to submit nominations.

Who selects the schools that participant at AHSTF?
Completed applications are forwarded to our Board of Advisors, made up of respected college drama professionals. Our Board ranks the applications based on the following criteria: most recent bodies of work, honors and awards, technical ability, community involvement, philosophies, recommendations and overall dramatic excellence. Top ranking applicants are invited to represent their country at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as members of AHSTF.


How do I know if a high school is worthy of nomination?
We rely on your professional judgment regarding performances you see locally or at the regional/national level. We are looking for programs that set themselves apart and represent the dedication of drama teaches and students working together. Your nomination will give a great school the opportunity to apply!

Are there any obligations if I apply or nominate?
There is no obligation for you if you apply or for the theatre program you nominate. Your application or nomination will simply give a great program the recognition it deserves.