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Our Educational Mission

Educators are becoming increasingly mindful of the role that hands-on learning and experiential opportunities play in knowledge acquisition. We see this philosophical shift in the way schools, administrators, teachers, and families look to interdisciplinary options, project-based learning, international exposure, and other endeavors beyond classroom walls to complete the educational experience.

Today’s students engage in a world of advancing complexity. Our mission and vision is to support these students in preparing for that challenge. We seek to stimulate thinking, challenge complacency, inspire creativity, and nurture stewardship.

Earn Academic Credit At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Students – You Can Earn High School or College Undergraduate Credit

The AHSTF program is a life-changing experience for students. You will likely learn as much about yourself as you will about the places you’ll visit. Academic credit allows you to capture your Fringe experience in a way that can generate recognition and bring you one step closer to a strong college application. You’ll return from the AHSTF program inspired to set high goals for the future and equipped with the tools to achieve them. Academic credit serves as a unique distinction, providing you with a new way to distinguish yourself within your high school program.

You can register for academic credit coursework before, during, or after the Fringe Festival. Most assignments are designed to be completed after travel, since they ask that you incorporate much of what you learned during the festival experience. We encourage you to log on before travel, if time permits, to get a feel for the course and explore its components. There is a 6-month deadline from the return date of travel to complete all online assignments.

Upon successful completion of both the travel program and online coursework, you will receive an official transcript (from WorldStrides or our university partner, George-Mason University) mailed directly to your home address. Transcripts can be submitted to school registrars for consideration or attached separately to college applications or résumés. Students and educators should check with receiving institutions with regard to credit transfer policies.
WorldStrides holds accreditation through multiple regional agencies, including both corporate-level and school-level accreditation through Cognia (formerly AdvancED). This enables our traveling students to earn academic credit in conjunction with your AHSTF program.

For more information, please read Academic Credit for AHSTF by WorldStrides.

How to Register for Coursework

Students - once you’ve registered for AHSTF, you can register for coursework before, during, or after your time in Edinburgh.

How to Register:
1. Follow this link:
2. Click to register as a new user.
3. Add your student email and create a password.
4. Confirm the email address by clicking on the link sent to you. Make sure to check your spam filter if you do not see the email.
5. Fill in First Name, Last Name, Trip ID, and Traveler ID.
If you are unsure of your Trip ID and Traveler ID please call Customer Service at 800-468-5899.
6. Answer any additional questions as prompted.
7. You should now see your course selection menu. Feel free to click on 'Course Information' for more information.
8. Click 'Register' to be added to the course. Click ‘To Classroom’ to enter the learning management system and access the coursework.

If you have questions or would like more information about our courses, please contact our curriculum and academics team through



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