The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

In 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival was formed as an event to promote peace and unity in the world after World War II. Eight uninvited theatre companies traveled to the Festival and participated on its ‘fringes’. These companies attracted so much attention and enthusiasm that a new festival was born, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Over 3,000 Productions and 40,000 Performers

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest performing arts festival in the world!  Every year for three weeks, Scotland’s majestic capital is transformed into a magical, unpredictable, and thrilling world. The city bursts at the seams as Edinburgh, Scotland becomes the largest stage in the world. Every theatre, museum, hotel, sports centre and pub plays host to its own array of international performers. AHSTF is proud to create a platform upon which talented high school students become a part of this excitement.

AHSTF at the Festival Fringe

The American High School Theater Festival was developed to allow high school performing arts students to showcase their talent on an international stage.  AHSTF recognizes each program's artistic achievements, community involvement and philosophies.

Our Board of Advisers review all submitted applications and programs are selected based on the aforementioned criteria and the strength of their application.



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